Features and Benefits of Darley Auto Compressed Air Foam

Features of a Darley CAFS

Ability to independently vary the type of foam delivered out each CAFS discharge. A Darley CAFS can even deliver plain water, water with foam solution, compressed air foam, or even plain compressed air all simultaneously to give you the tools you need to do the job.

The large volume of compressed air can be used to operate air tools, fill air bags, blow smoke out of a building, or even blow debris from a roadway at an accident scene.

Benefits of a Darley CAFS

  • CAFS can improve firefighter safety by:
    • Keeping the firefighters further from the flames and heat due to the excellent discharge distance caused by the air powered propulsion and
    • The lighter hose lines create less fatigue for the firefighters during firefighting
  • CAFS can reduce property damage by:
    • Putting the fires out faster, thereby reducing water damage, and smoke damage by using a blanket of foam over smoldering materials which helps reduce smoke emissions
    • These features and Darley’s commitment to our universe make this system environmentally friendly.

Advantages of CAFS

  • CAFS provides excellent exposure protection capability
  • CAFS improves fuel wetting that greatly reduces rekindling
  • CAFS high velocity foam bubble stream provides for quick fire knockdown
  • CAFS has shown good results for preserving evidence for fire investigators
  • CAFS provides faster scene cleanup that allows the fire department to get home sooner and back into service

Tired of dragging around heavy fire hoses?

  • A 100’ length of 1-1/2" fire hose full of water weighs 103 lbs.
  • The same length of hose full of CAFS only weighs 34.7 lbs.
  • A 100’ length of 2-1/2" fire hose full of water weighs 271 lbs.
  • The same length of hose full of CAFS only weighs 79.3 lbs.
  • CAFS can be delivered through any size discharge. Darley has built CAFS that discharge through 1", 1.5", 1.75", 2.5", 3", and even 4" plumbing.
  • CAFS works great through a very simple smooth bore nozzle
  • CAFS is commonly operated at between 75-125 PSI
  • CAFS uses Class A foam concentrate at 0.3% concentration
  • CAFS can be used with most Class B (AFFF) foam concentrates