PTO Pumps

Single Stage, Centrifugal, Hydraulic Driven, Gear Driven
Patented Darley AutoPressure is an electronically controlled hydraulic drive system that automatically maintains preset output pressure of either high pressure or low pressure Fire Pumps
It can be used to drive one or multiple pumps for high pressure/high volume simultaneous operations
It can be specified to drive any of the Darley single- suction range of pumps, all of which are available with integral SAE hydraulic motor adaptors
Output pressure is maintained despite variations in Intake Pressure, Output Flow and Engine RPM
Safety & Simplicity of Operation - – Any combination of HP & LP pressures can be maintained simultaneously
Each pump is direct-driven by an integral hydraulic motor.
Power Take-Off (PTO) units on truck transmission - Engaged from cab
Variable displacement hydraulic pump driven by PTO.
The hydraulic pump drives hydraulic motor which powers Fire Pump
Electronic controller instructs hydraulic pump to maintain constant Fire Pump output pressure
Crash Fire Rescue
Mini Pumper
Pumper Tanker
Rescue Pumper

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